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Chromate Free Vinyl Wash Primer

To make vinyl wash primer chromate-free, it is easy

No additional equipments are needed if you already manufacturing vinyl wash primer.

Simply replace the zinc chromate pigment with our conducting polymer composite during the existing vinyl wash primer (polyvinyl butyral wash primer) production process with couple slight tweeks.


- Easy to switch from existing production system with no new equipments

- Eliminated toxic and carcinogenic chromate and make your wash primer eco-friendly

- Superior corrosion protections: Over 10,000 hours of salt fog with perfect rating of 10 for no appearnce of rust or blister (click here for detailed laboratory data and photos)

- Very good adhesions

- Scratch and pinhole tolerant

- Could protect a wide range of metals besides iron/steel, such as aluminum, zinc, silver, copper, titanium, etc.

- Heavy-metal free

- Light weight

- Surface Tolerant

- Low material cost

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Testing results of our coatings using conductive polymer (polyaniline) as anti-corrosion pigment in the vinyl wash primer

Salt Fog Exposure (ASTM B 117) on coated cold roll steel (CRS) panel after 5,000 hours exposure. The incision line area was scraped before picture taking.


Result: No rust, No blister and Lesss than 1 mm undercutting

Cyclic Weathering (ASTM D 5894) on coated aluminum panel after 6,500 hours exposure. The brown sparkles are rust splashed from steel panels.


Result: No rust, No blister and Lesss than 1 mm undercutting

Please visit the corrosion test page for more photos and detailed testing data


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